Pest Control Prices

Pest control is one of those things that we all need during our lives at one time or another. Sooner or later, even if it is just a wasp nest on the eaves of the porch or a few uncooperative crickets in the house, (while we are trying to sleep!) we will need the services of a can of raid or a professional pest control specialist. The question of “How much does pest control cost” is dependent upon what pest you need to control, among other things. However, the typical cost of pest control ranges from $50 to $1200 plus.

Examples of Pest Control Prices

A bat would be an excellent example of the low end of pest control. If you had a bat in the attic, swooping down on you every time you poked your head up there, a professional pest control company might charge $50 to come and remove it; however, multiply that by twenty, and you would be closer to $500 including dropping removal and sanitization of the attic.

Termites Are the Most Challenging Pests (Price Wise)

On the high end of the spectrum, we have one of the most destructive pests for homeowners… the mighty termitecarpenter ant, or wood devouring beetle. Termites alone account for roughly 5 billion dollars in damages to homes in the US. Your typical treatment ranges in the $1200 plus range. The treatments range from anything to microwaves to fumigation, both expensive prospects t have to consider. In fact, there is nothing about professional pest control and the treatment of termites that is not expensive. They are costly pests to have.

There are several different types of termite extermination and their prices. These include:

  • Chemical $1700 to $2500
  • Bait $1500 to $3000
  • Fumigation $1200 to $3800
  • Electricity $1000 to $1500
  • Heat $1300 to $2500
  • and even Microwaves Approximately $1200

An inspection of your home to ascertain pest problems and possible damages can range from $500 to completely Free of Charge. You may also purchase a home inspection through a pest control company during the sale of your home and have the pest inspection thrown in for free. This is, of course, a must since pests can force the sale price of your home lower. Certain types of insurance demands a pest inspection in order to pay for certain damages should an infestation occur down the road.

Monthly Visits

When it comes to common pests such as roaches, ants, flies, and wasps, paying around $40 to $60 dollars per month to come out and spray around the baseboards and behind furniture is just about right. The chemicals used by your professional exterminator around your home are odorless, colorless, and will not harm your household pets. Many companies use green products today that are made from organic materials and vegetables and spices that insects cannot stand. They will also treat fire ant beds and other unwanted pests in your yard provided you have a moderately small amount of property that you call a yard. For a little bit more money, they will treat an infestation of mice, especially in the winter months when small rodents are looking for a place to which come in out of the cold.

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