Imagine this scenario, you wake up thirsty and decide to go downstairs for a drink of water. You grab your cup, and as you’re filling it up you notice something… rat poop! If this was a real-life scenario for you, have no fear! In this article we’ll show you how to get rid of rats in your house.

Seeing all of that rat poop in YOUR house can make you sick to your stomach. Once the realization hits you that your house is infected with a rat (or worse RATS) you’ll want to spring to immediate action.. 

Today, I will be sharing different ways to get rid of these rodents once and for all!

How to Get Rid of Rats - Step-by-Step Guide

Undoubtedly, rats are harmful to human health. They spread so many diseases and infections. Furthermore, they destroy places by chewing through pipes and electric wiring.

Yes, all of that is concerning, but what’s more concerning is coming face-to-face with a live rat! 

First off, you need to inspect your house and see where the rats are.

Step 1: Inspection Process

We need to be well prepared and equipped to fight them out of our place. The key is to be quiet and first establish where they come from and where they are living. 

Pro Tip: Sprinkle a handsome amount of baking soda where you see rat poop or signs of damage to the house. If you want, you can sprinkle it literally all over your home. You can also use normal powder if you want.

Rats tend to leave a lot of marks. So, if they cross the path where you have sprinkled baking soda/ powder, you can establish the trail and find their hiding place(s). 

Step 2: Seal the Gaps 

The important thing to remember is that rats don’t usually come from big spaces like windows and doors. That is just not how they go about. So, look for small open gaps.

Pro Tip: Check the small gaps in the windows and doors and even the drains. These are the small places they wiggle their way through (EWWW).

You can seal the gaps with caulk, cement and wire wool. If you don’t want to seal it permanently, you can place a piece of wood.

Be careful as rats can nibble through wood pretty easily.

Step 3: Eliminate Their Food Source 

Rats don’t just plan to visit your house for the sake of it. They are either getting food or water from your place. You need to cut the roots. Finish the problem from the source.

No food source, no rats, right?

There are a few things that need to be done: 

Pro Tip: I know it is not easy to do all the dishes at night. For that, I have a trick. You can just pass the dishes through simple water so that the food and grease get cleaned. Do them properly in the morning. 

Step 4: Declutter

You need to declutter and reduce the mess in your house. Rats and other rodents need places to hide, places that are accessed less often. In houses, the more clutter, the more hiding places for them.

So, take an initiative and get down to decluttering.

Step 5: Clean with Natural Ingredients

Repel 'Em Naturally Header Image

To keep them away, you can use the following ingredients on the exterior of your house: 

Pro Tip: Work your way and focus on the ground. Whatever ingredient you choose, apply it generously on the ground. Especially focus on the space between the ground and the foundation of the house. 

For the interior, you will need a spray bottle. Make a spray of crushed pepper. Now, dilute it in a spray bottle and spray it everywhere you find holes and crevices inside the house.

Pro Tip: You need to be careful not to get this in your eyes or nose. You should wear safety goggles and a mask.

Step 6: Rat Traps

Yes, these are totally legal and a good way of catching the rat inside the house. But, if you don’t want to mess with setting/releasing/reloading traps, I would suggest contacting a professional for this.

Step 7: Call the Professionals

If you don’t want to mess with rats, you probably want to leave this to the professionals. Pest control and even exterminators are available that can come out and take care of the problem.

Shoo Them Away from Outside

If there are no rats outside, they will not come inside. This is a simple rule. 

Pro Tip: Always wear gloves as dry ice can end up hurting your hand


Now that you know how to get rid of rats in your house, it is time to spring into action. Keep those nooks and corners well sealed, food off the table, and the house clean to keep them out for good. 

Moreover, we have included some tips to keep them away from the outside of your house too. Sometimes, the situation worsens and you can have a rat infestation. For that, it is recommended to seek professional help.

If you are a homeowner, you know just how important it can be to protect your investment. This is especially true if you own rental properties that bring an income. You also know the benefits of a free inspection. There are many companies out there that charge as much as $500 for commercial property termite and pest inspections. A free inspection is the perfect way to catch damage to your home or rental properties before they become unmanageable, which can happen rather quickly with a termite or other pest infestation.

Why Take Advantage of Free Termite Inspections?

Termites, carpenter ants, and wood-devouring beetles account for billions of dollars in damages to private property each year and that is just the United States. That number is far greater if you include the UK and the rest of the civilized world. This is another reason why taking advantage of a free termite inspection just makes sense.

Free Inspections and Homeowner Insurance

There is a home insurance that you can purchase for your home that helps pay for termite and wood-devouring insect damage. Before you can qualify for this insurance, you must have your home inspected by a professional pest control company. Why not enjoy a free termite inspection offered by numerous professional pest control companies across the country.

Inspection – Analysis - Report

Many companies in the professional pest control arena do not just offer a free inspection. They will provide you with a full, comprehensive analysis of your home. A detailed report of the free inspection findings including any type of pest, problems, or damage and how to correct those problems is a valuable item to have… especially if it is free. This is literally worth hundreds upon hundreds of dollars.

The No Obligation Free Termite Inspection

There are also companies that offer a free, no obligation termite and pest inspection. This means that no matter what they find, you are not obligated to use that particular company to treat your pests or repair any damage. It means that you are free to shop around and find the best professional pest control and construction prices that you can. Of course, all is fair in love, war, home ownership, and pest control. Often, the company that performs the free inspection will ensure that they also offer the best price for treating that infestation or termite damage.

Free Termite Inspections Include More than just Termites

A free termite inspection does not just look for a termite infestation. It includes any type of wood-devouring insect and even wood eating bacteria or mold. Carpenter ants can do major damage to your home’s wooden structure. Another enemy of your home that the free termite inspection checks for is the wood-devouring beetle. This tenacious pest bores through your wooden foundation faster than you can say free home inspection doing as much damage as it can.

Be Wary of the Free Home Termite Inspection

Whenever a homeowner signs up for a free termite inspection, they must be sure to read the fine print. Some free termite inspections are not free at all. They are included at no extra charge with a home inspection that the homeowner unwittingly signs up for. These home inspections can cost anywhere from $50 to $500 dollars. Always read the fine print to make sure you are actually getting a free inspection and not a termite inspection that is included with a home inspection or some other service for which you must pay. Check out this extremely important link for even more information about how these tricky offers are worded.

Got Termites? Learn most about termite treatment costs here.

Typical Termite Inspection

Listen closely. Can you hear them? An entire army… a horde of termites may be marching on your home. They may have already stormed your castle. That annoying noise you have been hearing in the back of your head may have been the sounds of your equity being chewed away by hundreds of thousands of ravenous termites. Each of these tiny pests can eat 15% more than its own body weight and can reproduce to the tune of a million in just six weeks. In Chicago, where it is cold five months of the year, one out of every eleven homes has an infestation severe enough to cause the home to lose value. What all of this means is that regardless of the termite inspection cost… you cannot afford not to have one.

Potential Inspection Cost

If you are purchasing a home, the homeowner or real estate company will probably have a professional termite inspection performed as part of the home inspection. That report may be available free of charge or for a small fee of $50. If you are not purchasing a home and have lived in yours for more than five years without ever giving any thought to it… it is imperative that you act now. If you must hire a professional pest control company to perform on, you may expect to pay $150 to $300 for it. If you find a massive termite presence with damage, it was worth it. If you find the beginnings of infestation and minor damage, it was well worth it. If you find nothing, it was worth its weight in gold.

What You Get for your Hard Earned Money

The most important thing that your inspection money buys is peace of mind. Ask any homeowner what went through their head when a termite inspection turned up signs of termites and they will tell you that their first thoughts were of what could have happened if they had waited another five years. How bad would it have been if they had not acted at all or until it was too late? An untreated termite infestation can literally condemn a home and with no insurance, that can be devastating. That $150 to $300 looks pretty good now.


Once you have spent the money, found the termites, treated the home and saved the day, it is time for homeowners termite insurance. It is a little costly with premiums coming in at $10 to $250 per month depending upon the value and geographical location of the home. It also requires a yearly inspection to keep it active and your home safe. Some policies pay for the inspection while others make the homeowner pay for it. Of these, most pay after you have met a deduction and will decrease in out of pocket for each year there is no evidence of termite infestation.

A Wise Decision Indeed

In terms of termite inspection cost, it is not the $300 you spend, it is what you save and all it takes is a little research online on your local professional pest control companies to see who is offering the best deal on inspections. Whether or not it is free, it is still the wisest decision that you will make for your home and wallet all year long.

What to look for, when inspecting for termites

If you have a pest control problem, whether it is termites, fleas, rodents, or wild critters from the nearby woods, it may be time to contact an exterminator and take back control of your home. With an exterminator, you can regain your freedom from unwanted guests without breaking your wallet. Most problems can be taken care of for a great price between $40 and $400 depending upon the type of annoyance from which you need to be shed. Perhaps the most costly of all pests that you really need professional help to fight are also one of the smallest and hardest to find… the termite.

Common Pests

On the lowest side of the scales, exterminator prices for a monthly tour and spray of your home for common insects like roaches, ants, flies, wasps and bees, and mice (or other small rodents) Usually, anywhere from $40 to $60 per month is enough to keep those common pests at bay. Your exterminator may also seed ant beds with poison out in your yard and check your eaves for stinging insects while they are there.

Smaller Animal Pests

For more specialized help, your exterminator will charge extra and may even have to send out a specialist. Problems such as bats in your attic, raccoons in your trash, and rabbits in your garden are all problems that the exterminator can solve for an added $40 to $100 onetime chargeSnakes, larger rats or the American marsupial, the Opossum nesting in the garage or shed and in the wood line around your home where your children play are also not much of a match for a professional exterminator. Again, it is usually a case of a onetime charge between $50 to $150, depending upon the animal and extent of the infestation.

Larger Pest Removal

Most people think of the Humane Society when there is a larger animal that needs to be safely and humanely taken from or near your home and relocated to a safe location for both it and your family’s safety, however, your local professional exterminator may be set up and prepared to do this as well for a charge of $100 or less. This is especially true in the southern states such as Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas.

Tiny Pests Do Huge Damage

Perhaps the hardest critters to tackle, treat for, and permanently eradicate, are the little insects that do the most damage. Termites can reduce your home to a pile of chewed timber in no time at all if left unchecked. Causing billions of dollars in damages in the US alone each year, the termite must be completely eradicated from your home or the damages may continue to mount as they find more hard to get to places to feast on your hard earned property. Your exterminator cost for termites, fleas and ticks, and even bed bugs can be higher than other, larger pests thanks to their sheer tenacity and ability to adapt.

Exterminator Prices

Microwave Treatments are used for spot extermination and can cost up to $1200 for small areas of termite extermination if you are lucky enough to have only a small area affected. You would then need to consider preventative termite treatment cost and measures for the rest of the home.

Bait Extermination: the cost for homes between 1250 sq. ft. and 2500 can range from $1,599 to $3,000 and again, the cost depends upon the amount of damage and type of termite. Bait extermination cost is primarily for nests that are not actually in the home itself or for preventative measures before or during construction and are highly effective when combined with a chemical soak of foundation and underlying wood.

Lethal Gas Fumigation: The tent method depends upon linier footage. For homes between 1250 to 2500 feet, the cost to fumigate can run from $1,200 to $3,800 with the $3,800 at the top range of 2500 sq. ft including attachments such as a deck or garage, the more the square footage, the higher the cost.

Heat Extermination by heated air also requires tenting of the home and depends upon the footage. A home with a square footage of 1,250 is around the $1299 range while a home 2,500 sq ft could be close to $2400 to exterminate by heat.

Chemical Spray: The standard home treated is 2,500 square feet and ranges from around $1700 to $2500 depending upon the foundation. Homes with slab foundations cost more than those without.

Less Expensive and Less Effective

Do it yourself Home treatments are available online and at your local lawn and garden center starting at $50 and going up to $400. While it is far less expensive to purchase a kit to exterminate insect pests on your own, it is also far less effective. The professional exterminator prices are well worth the money for the results that they produce.

And something to lighten up your day: Pink Pest Control

The mighty flea is one of the most dominant pests in the insect world. You cannot take your dog to the park without coming home with a potential infestation unless your pet is protected. The pet supply industry reports that flea and tick powders, shampoos, collars, and treatments are up a little higher every year for the last decade. A flea circus, with its flying trapeze sounds like fun, but a flea infestation is no laughing matter, especially when a single flea can lay up to 3,000 eggs in a week. Trying to treat for fleas without a professional exterminator can cost $200 to $300 in bombs, detergents, powders, and collars.

Products and Prices for Treating Flea Infestations

DIY products can be costly. (DIY is initialism for Do It Yourself) These products, which you will have to have if you want to be thorough in your treatment of a dangerous flea infestation, include the following…

Why Go With Professional Exterminators

Fleas carry terrible diseases that can kill both man and his pet. They are nasty, disgusting creatures that spread disease faster than just about any other carrier can. When the bubonic Plague spread across London killing everyone in its wake, most people thought it was the rat that was responsible for spreading it. The fact is that the fleas that the rats carried with them gave the plague to the rats first. For this reason alone, you may want to rethink the DIY option and hire professional exterminators.

Professional Flea Extermination Cost

Hiring professional flea exterminators may cost a little more than DIY treatments but it is worth every penny when you consider the peace of mind that comes from knowing your flea infestation is taken care of by people who know exactly what to do. Some companies will provide a free inspection and evaluation of your home and property before treating. The basic service cost on average around $75 to $150. The follow up service is also $75 to $150 and is usually necessary if you want a warranty for the service.

The Importance of the Warranty

The warranty is important as it covers free treatments should fleas re-infest your home and yard. Without the warranty, you will have to pay each time the exterminator has to visit. Fleas are tenacious pests that will return if you do not follow through with preventative measures to keep them away. These bloodsuckers are so small that it is nearly impossible to get at them all. There are literally millions of tiny places that protect them even from foggers.

How to Get Rid of Fleas With Household Items

Sometimes, an infestation is so bad that the only solution left on the table is tenting and fumigating your home. The fumigation cost at that point is moot, since it is the only option; however, it is not as expensive as it sounds. The fumigation cost depends largely upon the size of the home, (Think area) the pest being fumigated, the pesticide (or termicide if the problem is an infestation of termites) and the severity of the infestation. The area of the country and the exterminating Company also play smaller, but nonetheless important roles in the fumigation cost.

Most companies arrive at the cost of the fumigation job using the following factors…

Fumigation Cost

Depending upon the size of your home, outlying buildings, and pesticide chosen, you could pay anywhere from $1500 to $5000 on average. This is obviously more when you cover more than average areas.

Further Work may be Needed

Some companies add the cost of prevention of future outbreaks into the price while others prefer to bill separately for that. Fumigation is one of the most expensive… and effective forms of whole-home infestation treatments for most pests and should only be done by professional exterminators with plenty of experience in fumigation. Part of the cost goes into the wages or salary of specialized personal that are specifically trained to handle the equipment and chemicals involved in fumigation.

Take Damage into Account

The cost can be a lot higher than that quoted if the pest is termite and there is damage to the home that must be repaired. There are professional extermination companies that specialize in termite damage repair and/or remodeling. This is especially important and more costly if the damage is of a structural nature as that can cause unsafe conditions and may even make the home too dangerous to occupy until the work is completed.

Arrangements and Incidentals

While this may all sound overwhelming, we have not even figured into the estimates the cost of putting the family up in a hotel or motel for what could be a week or more unless other arrangements have been made. Many people also need to rent storage space for the week of the fumigation to store items that must be removed from the home. These two inconveniences alone could cost around $2,000, depending upon how long the fumigation project is scheduled to be effective.

DIY Fumigation

Fumigation can be done as a DIY (Do It Yourself) project but it would not be nearly as effective or safe. The chemical “bombs” are good, and work fairly well, however, if a professional exterminator has determined that fumigation is your only option, regular, over the counter bombs are probably not going to be enough to be as effective as it needs to be. Over the counter fumigations bombs come in packs of two and four and cost approximately $30 to $60.

What goes on Inside of a Fumigation Tent

Bed bug extermination cost is one of the hardest pest control costs to calculate because they are so small and can hide literally anywhere. An inspection and complete evaluation of a termite infestation takes less than an hour for an entire house and grounds. A bed bug inspection and evaluation can take hours and possibly days.

Imagine a pest that can hide…

Bed Bug Extermination Cost Per Room

Bed bug extermination cost is one of the more expensive exterminations simply because bed bugs are so hard to locate and eradicate. It is not uncommon to pay $250 per room for a professional exterminator to come into your home and treat for the disgusting, blood sucking pests.

Cost Per Room Heat Treatments

One method that professionals can use in the fight against bed bugs in your home is heat. Bed bugs thrive in warm, humid weather but cannot survive intense heat. Heat treatments are slightly less expensive than chemical and fumigations combined with washing and disposing of loose articles of clothing and bedding where they can hide. Look at paying a professional exterminator approximately $200 per room for heat treatments.

Other Professional Offerings

Do not forget to remove makeup, soft plastics like toys and candles from the home before heat treatments or the cost of replacing these things will drive the cost up even higher. Exterminators have special types of heaters that are designed for battling bed bugs so running your heater will not do the job. For your $200 to $300 dollars per room treated, you get the heat or fumigation, encasing materials for your mattress and other furniture that will kill bed bugs over a period of days by denying them food and air, and, of course, finding where the infestation is, where it started, and how to prevent future infestations by eliminating those avenues.

Commercial and Apartment Complex Exterminations

Serious infestation in which bed bugs have overrun a house of apartment building can go up to as much as $800 to $2000 per room or unit. Hotels and motels can expect to pay this much for serious infestations, which is quite common for them. In fact, a stay at a motel or hotel is often the cause for infestations that occur at home. We carry the insects home with us in our luggage or on our bodies, clothing, and even in our hair.

Bed Bugs are ready to strike!

When it comes to calculating what the termite treatment cost will be for your home infestation, there are several variables to take into account, not the least of which is whether you are going to hire professional exterminators or a do it yourself treatment kit. In the end, the price of repairing the damage caused by termites will also need to be estimated, but for now, let us focus on the termite treatments. Here are a few of the things you will need to take into account.


First, some facts:

Professional Vs Home

In most cases, a professional exterminator will cost more than a do it yourself termite treatment kit. Many people feel that the extra expense is well worth it since they will not have to handle personally, harsh chemicals. With a professional service, the initial inspection is usually free but can cost around $100 depending upon the company. A trained professional will come to your home, calculate the amount of infestation with damage, and let you know how much the project will cost before any work is started.

Degree of Infestation Plays Major Role

The cost of the treatment itself will depend upon the degree of infestation, whether the nest is in the home or another location, whether drilling, or other power tool labor is involved. If a total home treatment including tenting the structure and chemical saturation is involved, the cost could be in the thousands. All of this will be explained to the homeowner before the decision is made based upon the recommendations of the exterminator. A standard sized home fumigation without outlying structures averages $3,500 in the US.

Baiting is a Preventative Technique

Basic baiting for a termite problem that is caught early may only cost $300 to $400 dollars where more extensive work, such as tenting and fumigation can cost as much as $3 to $4 per square foot and take up to three days.

Do It Yourself Termite Treatment Cost

A home treatment can cost a pretty penny as well but the homeowner will save on the cost of labor. Kits can run from $50 for a 1.3-gallon sprayer with carpenter ant/termite chemical spray to nearly $400 for a pre-construction treatment kit that prevents an attack to begin with. These kits can be used for an infestation that is originating from a location outside the home structure. The chemicals are non-repellent so the termite or other wood destroying pest cannot detect it. The pests carry the product back to the nest effectively killing the entire hive over a period of weeks, including those already in the home.

Five in One Treatment Kits

Many companies make a do it yourself treatment kit starting at $300 that allow the homeowner to attack the infestation on several fronts and include a sprayer, wood bore and injection system, and bait control for after treatment prevention of re-infestation. One such kit, the 5-1 B & G Robco comes with long attachable sprayer nozzles to keep the homeowner as far from the chemicals as possible. The long sprayers also allow access to hard to reach areas and a soil insertion tube that helps cut down on digging in small spaces like an under the home crawlspace.

Home treatments do not include the cost of repairing structural damage cause before the infestation is discovered whereas some professional services will do this work and include the cost in the initial quote. Those that do usually do not charge for the pre-work order inspection.

A Costly Pest Problem in the US

Termite treatment cost is a growing concern in the US. With termite damage rising every year and the sudden emergence of the once dormant Super-Termite, Homeowners are now spending what some experts are estimating at $11 billion in damages and after-damage treatments, up from 5 billion just four years ago and $1 billion in the late 1990’s – early 2000’s. With termite treatment cost rising, more homeowners are pre-treating during the building process in order to save money later.

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