Bed Bug Extermination Cost

Bed bug extermination cost is one of the hardest pest control costs to calculate because they are so small and can hide literally anywhere. An inspection and complete evaluation of a termite infestation takes less than an hour for an entire house and grounds. A bed bug inspection and evaluation can take hours and possibly days.

Imagine a pest that can hideā€¦

  • Behind paint chips on the wall
  • Inside the folds of blankets, sheets, or curtains, and even
  • Behind the doorframes and wall molding in your home
  • They will even nest in the fur of your pets
  • If you have spackled paint on your ceiling, take a closer look in the darker corners
  • Remove plug and light switch plates as well because bed bugs will hide in the places that no one would think to look outside of a professional exterminator

Bed Bug Extermination Cost Per Room

Bed bug extermination cost is one of the more expensive exterminations simply because bed bugs are so hard to locate and eradicate. It is not uncommon to pay $250 per room for a professional exterminator to come into your home and treat for the disgusting, blood sucking pests.

Cost Per Room Heat Treatments

One method that professionals can use in the fight against bed bugs in your home is heat. Bed bugs thrive in warm, humid weather but cannot survive intense heat. Heat treatments are slightly less expensive than chemical and fumigations combined with washing and disposing of loose articles of clothing and bedding where they can hide. Look at paying a professional exterminator approximately $200 per room for heat treatments.

Other Professional Offerings

Do not forget to remove makeup, soft plastics like toys and candles from the home before heat treatments or the cost of replacing these things will drive the cost up even higher. Exterminators have special types of heaters that are designed for battling bed bugs so running your heater will not do the job. For your $200 to $300 dollars per room treated, you get the heat or fumigation, encasing materials for your mattress and other furniture that will kill bed bugs over a period of days by denying them food and air, and, of course, finding where the infestation is, where it started, and how to prevent future infestations by eliminating those avenues.

Commercial and Apartment Complex Exterminations

Serious infestation in which bed bugs have overrun a house of apartment building can go up to as much as $800 to $2000 per room or unit. Hotels and motels can expect to pay this much for serious infestations, which is quite common for them. In fact, a stay at a motel or hotel is often the cause for infestations that occur at home. We carry the insects home with us in our luggage or on our bodies, clothing, and even in our hair.

Bed Bugs are ready to strike!

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