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If you have a pest control problem, whether it is termites, fleas, rodents, or wild critters from the nearby woods, it may be time to contact an exterminator and take back control of your home. With an exterminator, you can regain your freedom from unwanted guests without breaking your wallet. Most problems can be taken care of for a great price between $40 and $400 depending upon the type of annoyance from which you need to be shed. Perhaps the most costly of all pests that you really need professional help to fight are also one of the smallest and hardest to find… the termite.

Common Pests

On the lowest side of the scales, exterminator prices for a monthly tour and spray of your home for common insects like roaches, ants, flies, wasps and bees, and mice (or other small rodents) Usually, anywhere from $40 to $60 per month is enough to keep those common pests at bay. Your exterminator may also seed ant beds with poison out in your yard and check your eaves for stinging insects while they are there.

Smaller Animal Pests

For more specialized help, your exterminator will charge extra and may even have to send out a specialist. Problems such as bats in your attic, raccoons in your trash, and rabbits in your garden are all problems that the exterminator can solve for an added $40 to $100 onetime chargeSnakes, larger rats or the American marsupial, the Opossum nesting in the garage or shed and in the wood line around your home where your children play are also not much of a match for a professional exterminator. Again, it is usually a case of a onetime charge between $50 to $150, depending upon the animal and extent of the infestation.

Larger Pest Removal

Most people think of the Humane Society when there is a larger animal that needs to be safely and humanely taken from or near your home and relocated to a safe location for both it and your family’s safety, however, your local professional exterminator may be set up and prepared to do this as well for a charge of $100 or less. This is especially true in the southern states such as Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas.

Tiny Pests Do Huge Damage

Perhaps the hardest critters to tackle, treat for, and permanently eradicate, are the little insects that do the most damage. Termites can reduce your home to a pile of chewed timber in no time at all if left unchecked. Causing billions of dollars in damages in the US alone each year, the termite must be completely eradicated from your home or the damages may continue to mount as they find more hard to get to places to feast on your hard earned property. Your exterminator cost for termites, fleas and ticks, and even bed bugs can be higher than other, larger pests thanks to their sheer tenacity and ability to adapt.

Exterminator Prices

Microwave Treatments are used for spot extermination and can cost up to $1200 for small areas of termite extermination if you are lucky enough to have only a small area affected. You would then need to consider preventative termite treatment cost and measures for the rest of the home.

Bait Extermination: the cost for homes between 1250 sq. ft. and 2500 can range from $1,599 to $3,000 and again, the cost depends upon the amount of damage and type of termite. Bait extermination cost is primarily for nests that are not actually in the home itself or for preventative measures before or during construction and are highly effective when combined with a chemical soak of foundation and underlying wood.

Lethal Gas Fumigation: The tent method depends upon linier footage. For homes between 1250 to 2500 feet, the cost to fumigate can run from $1,200 to $3,800 with the $3,800 at the top range of 2500 sq. ft including attachments such as a deck or garage, the more the square footage, the higher the cost.

Heat Extermination by heated air also requires tenting of the home and depends upon the footage. A home with a square footage of 1,250 is around the $1299 range while a home 2,500 sq ft could be close to $2400 to exterminate by heat.

Chemical Spray: The standard home treated is 2,500 square feet and ranges from around $1700 to $2500 depending upon the foundation. Homes with slab foundations cost more than those without.

Less Expensive and Less Effective

Do it yourself Home treatments are available online and at your local lawn and garden center starting at $50 and going up to $400. While it is far less expensive to purchase a kit to exterminate insect pests on your own, it is also far less effective. The professional exterminator prices are well worth the money for the results that they produce.

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