Flea Extermination Cost

The mighty flea is one of the most dominant pests in the insect world. You cannot take your dog to the park without coming home with a potential infestation unless your pet is protected. The pet supply industry reports that flea and tick powders, shampoos, collars, and treatments are up a little higher every year for the last decade. A flea circus, with its flying trapeze sounds like fun, but a flea infestation is no laughing matter, especially when a single flea can lay up to 3,000 eggs in a week. Trying to treat for fleas without a professional exterminator can cost $200 to $300 in bombs, detergents, powders, and collars.

Products and Prices for Treating Flea Infestations

DIY products can be costly. (DIY is initialism for Do It Yourself) These products, which you will have to have if you want to be thorough in your treatment of a dangerous flea infestation, include the following…

  • Flea collars for pets: (Or one to three month flea dip that you place between your pet’s shoulder blades allowing the natural oils in the fur to spread the medication safely) One collar can cost from $4 to $12 depending upon the size and manufacturer.  The dip is far more expensive and can run $19 to $39
  • Flea shampoo: (rids your pets of fleas) $5 to $10
  • Flea powder: (For after and between shampoos or animals with skin too sensitive for shampooing products) $6 to $12 dollars
  • Flea spray for carpets and upholstery: (Fleas make a home in the bedding and matting of furniture and jump on anything warm-blooded that comes into contact with them) $6 to $12
  • Flea insecticides: These come with a sprayer and long tipped nozzle for hard to reach crevices and behind appliances in your home. $20
  • Flea foggers: (Usually, foggers come in packs of two or four) From $12 to $20
  • Flea yard spray: (To prevent re-infestation of your pets while outside in the yard) Also comes with a sprayer into which you pump air to create pressure in the empty part of the canister. The nozzles have a broad head for wide application in yards and fields. $40 to $80

Why Go With Professional Exterminators

Fleas carry terrible diseases that can kill both man and his pet. They are nasty, disgusting creatures that spread disease faster than just about any other carrier can. When the bubonic Plague spread across London killing everyone in its wake, most people thought it was the rat that was responsible for spreading it. The fact is that the fleas that the rats carried with them gave the plague to the rats first. For this reason alone, you may want to rethink the DIY option and hire professional exterminators.

Professional Flea Extermination Cost

Hiring professional flea exterminators may cost a little more than DIY treatments but it is worth every penny when you consider the peace of mind that comes from knowing your flea infestation is taken care of by people who know exactly what to do. Some companies will provide a free inspection and evaluation of your home and property before treating. The basic service cost on average around $75 to $150. The follow up service is also $75 to $150 and is usually necessary if you want a warranty for the service.

The Importance of the Warranty

The warranty is important as it covers free treatments should fleas re-infest your home and yard. Without the warranty, you will have to pay each time the exterminator has to visit. Fleas are tenacious pests that will return if you do not follow through with preventative measures to keep them away. These bloodsuckers are so small that it is nearly impossible to get at them all. There are literally millions of tiny places that protect them even from foggers.

How to Get Rid of Fleas With Household Items

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