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If you are a homeowner, you know just how important it can be to protect your investment. This is especially true if you own rental properties that bring an income. You also know the benefits of a free inspection. There are many companies out there that charge as much as $500 for commercial property termite and pest inspections. A free inspection is the perfect way to catch damage to your home or rental properties before they become unmanageable, which can happen rather quickly with a termite or other pest infestation.

Why Take Advantage of Free Termite Inspections?

Termites, carpenter ants, and wood-devouring beetles account for billions of dollars in damages to private property each year and that is just the United States. That number is far greater if you include the UK and the rest of the civilized world. This is another reason why taking advantage of a free termite inspection just makes sense.

Free Inspections and Homeowner Insurance

There is a home insurance that you can purchase for your home that helps pay for termite and wood-devouring insect damage. Before you can qualify for this insurance, you must have your home inspected by a professional pest control company. Why not enjoy a free termite inspection offered by numerous professional pest control companies across the country.

Inspection – Analysis - Report

Many companies in the professional pest control arena do not just offer a free inspection. They will provide you with a full, comprehensive analysis of your home. A detailed report of the free inspection findings including any type of pest, problems, or damage and how to correct those problems is a valuable item to have… especially if it is free. This is literally worth hundreds upon hundreds of dollars.

The No Obligation Free Termite Inspection

There are also companies that offer a free, no obligation termite and pest inspection. This means that no matter what they find, you are not obligated to use that particular company to treat your pests or repair any damage. It means that you are free to shop around and find the best professional pest control and construction prices that you can. Of course, all is fair in love, war, home ownership, and pest control. Often, the company that performs the free inspection will ensure that they also offer the best price for treating that infestation or termite damage.

Free Termite Inspections Include More than just Termites

A free termite inspection does not just look for a termite infestation. It includes any type of wood-devouring insect and even wood eating bacteria or mold. Carpenter ants can do major damage to your home’s wooden structure. Another enemy of your home that the free termite inspection checks for is the wood-devouring beetle. This tenacious pest bores through your wooden foundation faster than you can say free home inspection doing as much damage as it can.

Be Wary of the Free Home Termite Inspection

Whenever a homeowner signs up for a free termite inspection, they must be sure to read the fine print. Some free termite inspections are not free at all. They are included at no extra charge with a home inspection that the homeowner unwittingly signs up for. These home inspections can cost anywhere from $50 to $500 dollars. Always read the fine print to make sure you are actually getting a free inspection and not a termite inspection that is included with a home inspection or some other service for which you must pay. Check out this extremely important link for even more information about how these tricky offers are worded.

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