Termite Inspection Cost

A bunch of termites

Listen closely. Can you hear them? An entire army… a horde of termites may be marching on your home. They may have already stormed your castle. That annoying noise you have been hearing in the back of your head may have been the sounds of your equity being chewed away by hundreds of thousands of ravenous termites. Each of these tiny pests can eat 15% more than its own body weight and can reproduce to the tune of a million in just six weeks. In Chicago, where it is cold five months of the year, one out of every eleven homes has an infestation severe enough to cause the home to lose value. What all of this means is that regardless of the termite inspection cost… you cannot afford not to have one.

Potential Inspection Cost

If you are purchasing a home, the homeowner or real estate company will probably have a professional termite inspection performed as part of the home inspection. That report may be available free of charge or for a small fee of $50. If you are not purchasing a home and have lived in yours for more than five years without ever giving any thought to it… it is imperative that you act now. If you must hire a professional pest control company to perform on, you may expect to pay $150 to $300 for it. If you find a massive termite presence with damage, it was worth it. If you find the beginnings of infestation and minor damage, it was well worth it. If you find nothing, it was worth its weight in gold.

What You Get for your Hard Earned Money

The most important thing that your inspection money buys is peace of mind. Ask any homeowner what went through their head when a termite inspection turned up signs of termites and they will tell you that their first thoughts were of what could have happened if they had waited another five years. How bad would it have been if they had not acted at all or until it was too late? An untreated termite infestation can literally condemn a home and with no insurance, that can be devastating. That $150 to $300 looks pretty good now.


Once you have spent the money, found the termites, treated the home and saved the day, it is time for homeowners termite insurance. It is a little costly with premiums coming in at $10 to $250 per month depending upon the value and geographical location of the home. It also requires a yearly inspection to keep it active and your home safe. Some policies pay for the inspection while others make the homeowner pay for it. Of these, most pay after you have met a deduction and will decrease in out of pocket for each year there is no evidence of termite infestation.

A Wise Decision Indeed

In terms of termite inspection cost, it is not the $300 you spend, it is what you save and all it takes is a little research online on your local professional pest control companies to see who is offering the best deal on inspections. Whether or not it is free, it is still the wisest decision that you will make for your home and wallet all year long.

What to look for, when inspecting for termites

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